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Restrictions on the release of 911 and dispatch recordings include, as with all other reports released under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, identifying information on Juveniles, Sex Assault incidents and victims, and information for which release would not be in the public interest. Additionally, it is the policy of the Denver Police Department to only release recordings of calls to the Communications Center to the caller or his/her agent, usually an attorney, unless ordered to do so by the court pursuant to a subpoena. The exception to this policy is for attorneys of record in criminal cases who also sign a confidentiality agreement stating they will not release the call or the identity of the caller. Additional documentation may be required to complete the request.

This order may be expedited for an additional $50. To expedite this order, complete the order, then call 720-913-6362 with your receipt number.

If the record can not be delivered the minimal $30 research fee is non-refundable. Additional charges may apply, you will be notified

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