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Supplemental Reports

If an Accident Report or Offense Report is assigned to a detective, the investigation is documented in a Supplemental Report. The Supplemental Report often includes witness statements, scene photographs and/or videos, and the detective's notes. Subject to certain restrictions, Supplemental Reports can be released under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CRS ยง24-72-301 et.seq.).Restrictions may include:
  • Incomplete or Active Investigation: Only completed investigations are eligible for release, provided they are not part of an active criminal prosecution. Decisions regarding release of these reports will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Active Prosecution: Documents related to ongoing criminal cases should be obtained through a Discovery Motion to the court.

Identifying information of victims of sexual assault will be redacted; Juvenile suspect/victim/witness identifying information be redacted; any information whose release would be contrary to the public interest.

There is a $15 non-refundable initial Search Fee. You must submit a contact phone number to inform you of the extent and final costs of the supplemental information prior to processing the order.

This order may be expedited for an additional $50. To expedite this order, complete the order, then call 720-913-6362 with your receipt number.

The $15 charge is a non-refundable research fee. Additional charges may apply, you will be notified
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