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DEDO Bond Fees Online

You may pay the annual administrative fee for the bond issued by the City and County of Denver, using our online payment service center. There is no fee for using the online payment service system. You may choose to pay using a credit card or pay directly from your bank.

The following information will be required to proceed with your payment:

Project Name the name of the affordable housing development

Project location the street address of the affordable housing development

Owner/Entity the business entity or owner of the affordable housing development

Due Date the annual payment due date per the financing agreement

Payment Amount the amount of the annual issuer fee or administrative bond fee per the financing agreement

The above information may be found in the Tax Regulatory Agreement and the Financing Agreement, or you may contact Denver Economic Development & Opportunity at 720-913-1999 or

For frequently asked questions, please go to Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Online Payment Services.

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