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OED Misc payments online

You may provide the recurring payment required for rent, restitution or other item using our online payment service center. There is no fee for using the online payment service system. You may choose to pay using a credit card or pay directly from your bank.

Your cash-in-lieu payment must be made prior to the issuance of a building permit and/or certificate of occupancy.

The following information will be required to proceed with your payment:

Project Name the name of the project, if applicable

Project location the street address of the project, if applicable

Owner/Entity please provide the entity or the individual responsible to provide payment

Payment Amount please refer to the assignment of rent or other income document, lease, contract or court document

You may contact The Office of Economic Development at 720-913-1999 for the above information

For frequently asked questions, please go to the Office of Economic Development Online Payment Services.

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